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WORLD WIDE is run by: The Norwegian Institute of Local History

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Local History

The Norwegian website addresses itself to everyone interested in local history, both on a professional basis and as a leisure time activity. This website has been produced and is edited by Norsk lokalhistorisk institutt (The Norwegian Institute of Local History). Some parts of the contents have been made i cooperation with other institutions and organizations.

The purpose of the Website is:

  • To give information about local history
  • To produce surveys and give access to literature, sources and websites connected to local history
  • To give advice about writing local history
  • To establish contact between local historians world wide

The english part of the website is in process. The information on local history in other countries is at present scattered and unsystematic. Our longterm objective is to produce comprehensive presentations in English and/or other world languages of local history research and activities throughout the world. Our purpose is to make a standardized and systematic presentation of local history on a global basis, called Local History World Wide: An International Internet Inventory. wishes to establish contact and cooperate with local history associations, institutions or circles world wide. For this purpose we have made a Draft framework for standard national presentations, and an international presentation of Norwegian local history on the lines laid down by the checklist. Please contact if you have relevant information.

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